Vale Royal AC - Senior Section

Running and Athletics in the Heart of Cheshire.


The sessions below are those set by coach by Andy Carter. 

As you all know the rules are changing from Monday and up to 6 people can meet up - but keeping the social distancing rules in place - this means that we can potentially get back to some training sessions for small groups and hopefully England Athletics will approve this early next week - as I see it we need the following 


1) Athletes to be allowed to use Knights Grange track. 


2) No more than 6 people to be present at any time ( athletes and others )


3) Social distancing of 2 metres is a requirement


4) Confirm policy for use of toilets and the clubhouse

5) England Athletics approval 


Assuming that we can get agreement to use the track then, in order to move this forward, I think we should split up into small groups of 4 or 5 athletes and go to the track in these groups. We would allocate a time and you would have the track for 45 minutes or so and do your session and leave before another group comes down - we might have sessions at 10.00am, 11.00am, 12.00pm - and depending on numbers possibly afternoon slots and then a 6.00pm, 7.00pm and 8.00pm slot - so similar to how we run sessions in Portugal


If you are interested in doing some track sessions will you let me know asap and in any event by Mid Day on Monday 1st June - please give me details when you would be available on a Tuesday and Thursday and I will then try to devise a rota - if some of you want to use the track on other days let me know as that may help ease the burden on Tuesday and Thursday ! 

Training planned for this week is as follows :-      

Tuesday 2nd June :  1000 @ 3k pace [ 3 Mins ]  4 x 400 @ 1500 pace ( 90 Secs )[ 3 Mins ]  4 x 200 @ 800 pace 

Thursday 4th June :   3 x 1200 ( 400 jog/walk ) @3k pace  - [ 10 mins ] 4 x 150 stride outs ( jog back )

                                       OR 2 x { 3 x 500 ( 90 Secs )} [ 5 Mins ] - at 1500 pace 

Saturday : Hills or tempo run

Sunday : Usual Sunday run

One final important message. When you are out for a run with a club mate or doing a track session with a few others please ensure that you practice social distancing, stay 2 metres apart! Additionally, when out for a run make sure you give other people their personal space.


It is also timely to remind you all not to forget your core training, and, for the older ones some upper body work ! For your core training  - as a minimum you should be doing plank, side plank, superman, brace, supine bridge and some press ups.