Vale Royal AC - Senior Section

Running and Athletics in the Heart of Cheshire.


The sessions below are those set by coach Andy Carter. 

Another poor week weatherwise - but this time rain was the problem - just a shame we cannot use the track which would, no doubt, have been in perfect condition - but I hope you have been able to find somewhere reasonable to do the sessions

As it looks as though the Cross-country season is a write off, I will gradually increase the speed element of the training over the coming weeks so that you are ready for the track season - as you know every year the major cross-country races come late in the season and it leaves just a few weeks before the start of the track season, obviously that is not the case this year, so we must ensure we take advantage and be ready for the track !

Sessions planned for this week are therefore as follows

Tuesday 19th January : 8 x 3 Mins ( 90 Secs ) 4 x 30 Secs ( 30 Secs ) - tempo pace throughout - Under 15's 6 reps if they wish

Thursday 21st January : 4 x [ 2 Mins ( 90 Secs ) 60 Secs ] 2 Mins between sets 4 x 30 Secs ( 30 Secs ) 2 Mins at VO2 and 60 Secs faster !

Saturday 23rd January : Either hill session or do 10 x 60 Secs ( 60 Secs ) normally looking for 1500 pace - obviously early for that speed but give it a go!

Sunday 24th January : Usual Sunday run - self operate and remember run in pairs only ( or more if you are all in your household bubble )

It would also be great if you could let me know how the sessions are going please



It is also timely to remind you all not to forget your core training, and, for the older ones some upper body work ! For your core training  - as a minimum you should be doing plank, side plank, superman, brace, supine bridge and some press ups.