Vale Royal AC - Senior Section

Running and Athletics in the Heart of Cheshire.


The sessions below are those taking place on the track at Knights Grange involving juniors and seniors and coached by Andy Carter. Start time 7pm.


Currently it is a very difficult time for us all that we are not able to meet up and do our regular track sessions - I intend to continue to send out sessions and hope that you will be able to get out and get them done - I will send out sessions on a timed rather that on a distance basis as this will give you more options such as

1) Find a track and do the sessions as set out - but remember these should be on your own or as a small discrete group ( Max 3 per EA guidelines )

2) Find a suitable field that you can run round 

3) Find a trail near home

4) Go to Delamere Forest, particularly for Hill sessions as you know the routine - I will advise which hills might be good !

If anyone uses Knights Grange please note the cabin will not be open but toilets are accessible 

You can treat the sessions as fartlek sessions i.e. run for the designated time and then jog the recovery - most of you have sports watches so you should be able to time your reps and as normal check your pace - I hope that you are happy to share this with us and if you could send me details of your sessions that would be great and help prevent me going stir crazy !

Because it is very unlikely that the track season will start before June then we do need to take this into account over the next few weeks - I think we should aim to maintain fitness but introduce some faster stuff so that when we can get going again we can ramp up reasonably quickly - for most of you it has been cross country or road only so a gentle transfer to faster work is fine anyway - one or two of you are race sharp already and therefore can continue with some faster sessions

I propose that, if possible, you do the following over the next couple of weeks - if you can, get over to Delamere for your hill session or find some similar hills near you - when you do your hill sessions is up to you - also if you are feeling like a longer run then you can slot in a 3 or 4 mile tempo on the Saturday instead of hills - obviously there are no park runs so it is again a case of self operating or maybe a few of you meeting up for a run

Saturday 21st March : Delamere Forest : Hill session - suggest 4/6 x Fork Hill, 4/6 x Music Hill, 8 x Becky Lynn Hill, 4 x Tom's Hill

Sunday 22nd March : Delamere Forest : Usual Sunday run - again if you meet up with others keep it to small groups

Tuesday 24th March :  5 x 5 Mins ( 2 Mins ) 4 x 30 Secs ( 30 Secs ) - tempo session - under 15's can do 5 x 4 mins if they wish

Thursday 26th March : 5 Mins ( 2 Mins ) 4 Mins ( 2 Mins ) 3 Mins ( 2 Mins ) 2 Mins ( 60 Secs ) 60 Secs ( 60 Secs ) 4 x 30 Secs ( 30 Secs ) - 5 Mins to be at tempo but increase pace on the shorter reps - 3 Mins and 2 Mins at VO2 and the 60 Secs faster! A new track session based on this one will be on the training later in the year - 1000 @3k pace 800 @ 1500 pace 600 @ 1500 pace 400 @ 800 pace and 200 fast - lap jog in between - so increased pace but longer recovery than previously

Saturday 28th March: 8.30am - Delamere Forest : Hill session - suggest Black Cow Hill - 6 short and 6 long - in any order - alternate short and long or 6 short and then 6 long or 3 short 3 long 3 short 3 long or 3 short 6 long and 3 short ! Finish off with the normal runs up to the mast 

Sunday 29th March: Delamere Forest : Usual Sunday run [ Remember clocks forward an hour on evening of 28th ] - see above.

Tuesday 31st March: 6 x 2 Mins ( 2 Mins ) 4 x 30m Secs ( 30 Secs )  - a 3k pace session to get you ticking over a little quicker

Thursday 2nd April : 20 x 40 Secs ( 30 Secs ) @ 1500 pace - usually this would be  20 x 200 off 30 Secs. Hopefully your watch can get this one all sorted !

Saturday 4th April : Delamere Forest : Hill session  -  suggest 4/6 x Fork hill, 6/8 x Alex's Hill, 8 x short sharp hill and finish with 8 x Stump Hill

Sunday 5th April : Delamere Forest : Usual Sunday run - see above.

Continue with your normal Monday / Wednesday routine although swimming pools and Gyms may not be accessible - so plenty of core at home please !

We will constantly review things over the next couple of weeks and in early April we can see where we are up to - we certainly do not want to peak too soon but conversely we want to be ready when track racing resumes - hopefully sessions we do over the next month or so will enable you to maintain endurance fitness whilst at the same time some increased speed for the track season


It is also timely to remind you all not to forget your core training, and, for the older ones some upper body work ! For your core training  - as a minimum you should be doing plank, side plank, superman, brace, supine bridge and some press ups.