Vale Royal AC - Senior Section

Running and Athletics in the Heart of Cheshire.


The sessions below are those set by coach Andy Carter. 

Another good week's training - the session on Tuesday was hampered with a strong breeze down the back straight but last night the conditions were about perfect and everyone had an excellent session - all the groups were very impressive.

It is obviously disappointing, but no surprise, that the Trafford Open meeting has been called off this weekend, and as far as we are concerned, the November and December meetings could be in jeopardy - However it looks as though we can continue training in the current format and with the current group sizes - this means we can continue with track work at KG but not outside of that environment - so unfortunately, we still are unable to do group hill sessions or group runs other than in groups of 6 max. It is also disappointing to note that it should have been the final Relays on the 31st too.

We will be on the track tomorrow morning - we will do a tempo session finishing off with some 200's - the session will be :-   

8 Mins ( 2 Mins ) 6 Mins ( 2 Mins ) 4 Mins all at tempo pace - younger athletes will do 7,5 and 3 - we will then finish off with small groups doing 6 x 200 with 200 jog recovery - depending on the numbers we may have to split into 2 sessions

Training scheduled for next week is as follows :-  

Tuesday 27th October : 8 x 2 Minutes ( 90 Secs ) 4 x 30 Secs ( 30 Secs ) - we will do this session on the whistle - you should be initially operating at tempo pace but faster on the last 2 or 3 ! We should be able to accommodate this session and keep the groups separate.  

Thursday 29th October : 2000 @ 5k pace ( 2 Mins ) 1600 @ 5k pace ( 2 Mins ) 1200 @ 3k pace ( 2 Mins ) 800 @1500 pace ( 2 Mins ) 400 @ 800/1500 pace ( 2 Mins ) 200 fast - we recently did this one and therefore might need to split over Thursday and Saturday again due to pace and recovery etc ( Those running on Saturday could then do hill session on Thursday, if they wish )

Saturday 31st October :  Overspill session from Thursday or other track session - or self-operate hill session 

Sunday 1st November :  Usual Sunday run - self-operate

As usual let me know your availability for next week - I will let you know on Monday the plan for Thursday and Saturday !




Another excellent week's training - we thought that everyone handled the sessions well - as usual the tempo pace session was a bit quicker than tempo but heigh-ho, and the Thursday session was impressive - it was a tough session 10/15 x 400 off 60 seconds is quite daunting but you all worked really hard and from your comments seemed to enjoy it - I think now we need to keep the training as interesting and competitive as possible to keep you on your toes and motivated! With so few races it would be easy for training to drop off, so it is the coaches' job to keep the momentum going. 

We will be on the track tomorrow, and the weather looks quite good, so if you are up to doing another session and can get there for about 9am for a 9.30ish session start - it will be a pyramid session - we will be aiming at a bit of speed as the conditions should be good - something like 200, 400, 600, 400, 200 all with 2 minutes - might be an extra rep or two depending on who turns up !

Sessions planned for next week are as follows - on Tuesday we are repeating one we did a few weeks ago which was very successful and worth doing again

Tuesday 20th October :   4/5 x [ 800 ( 90 Secs ) 400 ] 2 Mins - 800 @ 3k pace and 400 @ 1500 pace

Thursday 22nd October :  20 x 40 Secs ( 30 Secs ) @ 1500 pace - those racing on Saturday can join a and do some of these 

Saturday 24th October :  Trafford for those racing - we will be at KG for those who want to come down or self-operate - CLOCKS GO BACK !!!

Sunday 25th October :  Sunday run - self-operate

As usual, please let me know your availability for next week and whether you are racing at Trafford ( so I can sort out Thursdays groups )

And finally, good luck to those racing next week at Trafford - if it goes ahead !





It is also timely to remind you all not to forget your core training, and, for the older ones some upper body work ! For your core training  - as a minimum you should be doing plank, side plank, superman, brace, supine bridge and some press ups.