Vale Royal AC - Senior Section

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Vale Royal AC – Track Etiquette



To ensure the safety and enjoyment of all members the following rules must be adhered to at all times:


1) The inside section of the track is to be used for coached sessions only. Warming up, cooling down and steady running should be performed on the outside portion of the track. The dividing line between the inside and outside sections is determined by cones. NOTE that if no coached sessions are taking place on the track the inside section is available for warming up in an anti-clockwise direction.


2) ALL running in the inside section MUST BE in an anti-clockwise direction. The direction of running in the outside section is at the discretion of the athlete although it is expected they will exercise common-sense and due care and attention if others are also running in this area.


3) If someone is clearly warming up or down or in the recovery part of a session on the inside lanes whilst a coached session is taking place this is incorrect (see point 1 above). If by doing so they are impeding your progress you should call out "Track" which is the standard Athletics terminology in such situations. If they do not move to the outside lanes advise your coach of the issue.


4) Do not assume that because someone is running more slowly than you they are not training hard. People run at different speeds and everyone is equally entitled to use the inside section when they are performing a training session.


a) When overtaking someone training hard but running more slowly than you are you must run outside them - do not expect them to let you pass on the inside.


b) When overtaking other athletes, particularly younger runners, ensure you give sufficient room to avoid any risk of contact.


c) If running hard but being overtaken you are entitled to remain on the inside lane. Do not move out to let faster runners come through on the inside as sudden lane changes are likely to cause accidents


5) Do not cross the infield if any throwers, jumpers or footballers are using the facilities. You must go round the outside of the track to get from one side to the other. NOTE – Unless as a requirement of the session it has already been agreed with the Throwing coaches.


6) Do not cross the track without first checking that no runners are approaching. Ensure there is plenty of time to get across before any runners reach you.


7) Respect your fellow athletes and coaches and give them the same courtesy you would expect to be shown yourself.