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Running and Athletics in the Heart of Cheshire.

25 Sep: A fantastic day for VRAC at junior and senior level. An excellent turnout for the seniors with 3 full teams in both the men's 6 stage and ladies 4 stage events plus a further incomplete team of 3 ladies.The ladies A team once again managed a very creditable top 10 finish, closely followed by the B team in 24th and C team in 38th - there were 64 teams who finished which makes our positions particularly impressive. Meanwhile the men's A team achieved the primary target of finishing in the top 25 by ending the day in 16th position and thus qualified for the National relays in 2 weeks. The B team also competed strongly and finished in the top half with 48th place whilst the C team beat a number of local rivals to achieve a hard fought 90th.  PS: To date no VRAC runners are known to have stopped off for refreshment :)  PPS: Fantastic photos of all races by Robert Brown here.
16 Sep: Darren Cottier like to vary his challenges. Here's how his latest went!
Tough Mudder is a challenge and not a race.  With around 20 obstacles over a 12 mile course.  Obstacles included 8ft walls, crawling through swamps, a dunking into icy water, crawling through pipes and dropping into water,  half pipes to run up, mud filled trenches and running  through hanging cables which emit electrical shocks. It was a great event made better by the good weather and warm temperatures.  The course wears you down little by little.  I was glad to finish in one piece.
SUTTON '6' 10K
18 Sep: Good run from Stu Doyle with 3rd place overall and 1st MV45. Great to see Steve Caldwell returning to good racing form after some determined training. More to come no doubt. Likewise good to see the return of Craig Sephton after injury woes well under the 40 minute mark. Helen Whitby led the ladies race losing the lead around 6k but nonetheless posting a 2nd lady finish. Full results here.
 PosGun timeFirst nameLast nameChip TimeGenderPosCategoryPos
11 Sep: Helen Smith, John Clarke and Mark Naisbitt headed north to join over 50,000 runners at this legendary half marathon. No PB's but no doubt an enjoyable and memorable experience.
NamePosFinish Time
Helen Smith122901:34:13
John Clarke197501:38:35
Mark Naisbitt1394702:05:11
11 Sep: A small select group from VRAC in this one.  Another epic tussle between Messrs Jones and Ainsworth pushing them to a 3rd/4th finish overall. Claire Thompson rewarded with 2nd overall in the ladies category.    
 PosGun timeFirst nameLast nameGenderGen PosCategoryCat Pos
437:35:00JamesAinsworthMale4Vet 401
2845:42:00StephenThompsonMale26Vet 504
6152:54:00JayneLomaxFemale12Vet 407
6854:16:00ValerieKinvigFemale17Vet 503
10 Sept: The NW Road relays covering clubs from the NW but also including county competitions too. A fantastic day for VRAC at junior and senior level. The senior ladies fielded 6 complete teams. The senior men 5 complete teams. Legs covered 6.4k.
Ladies -  Fantastic results from the Senior and U20 ladies, too many brilliant performances to mention them all individually but special mention should be made to the A team of Amelia Pettitt, Sarah Griffiths and Sarah Murphy who won the overall race by nearly 4 minutes. The B team of Amy Hinchly, Sophie Smith and Kate Moulds took silver for Cheshire and the C team of Kate Titlow, Chloe Dooley and Helen Whitby got Bronze. In total the women fielded 6 teams a credit to the club and all those involved.
Men -  A very good day too for the senior men with 5 full teams of 4 competing. A good battle between the A and B teams with the former finally overtaking the latter on the last leg to finish 7th in the North West and 1st Cheshire team. The B team were 9th North West and silver medalists in the County competition narrowly holding off Warrington. Meanwhile our C, D and E teams finished 5th, 13th and 22nd in Cheshire with some great tussles with our local rivals. A really good day hosted expertly by the club.
VRAC also won Northwest golds in the U13 girls, U15 boys and u 17 boys so we're well placed for the future!!
1  Vale Royal Ac                  'A'  1:17:357  Vale Royal Ac                  'A'  1:33:58
        Amelia Pettitt   (1) 24:41        Ryan Moore       (12) 23:00
        Sarah Griffiths  (1) 26:37        Jacobjohn Brown  (11) 23:47
        Sarah Murphy     (1) 26:17        Oliver Williams  (10) 24:23
Cheshire Team Pos: 1st Gold        Matthew Sheen    (7) 22:48
6  Vale Royal Ac                  'B'  1:23:05Cheshire Team Pos: 1st Gold
        Amy Hinchly      (8) 26:52
        Sophie Smith     (7) 28:409  Vale Royal Ac                  'B'  1:35:36
        Kate Moulds      (6) 27:33        Cameron Weaver   (10) 22:52
Cheshire Team Pos: 2nd Silver        Stuart Doyle     (7) 23:22
11  Vale Royal Ac                  'C'  1:25:09        Matt Rowlinson   (7) 24:14
        Kate Titlow      (12) 27:47        Michael Harringt (9) 25:08
        Chloe Dooley     (14) 29:21Cheshire Team Pos: 2nd Silver
        Helen Whitby     (11) 28:01
Cheshire Team Pos:30  Vale Royal Ac                  'C'  1:44:32
22  Vale Royal Ac                  'D'  1:30:20        George Thompson  (31) 25:08
        Carolyn Dooley   (23) 29:05        Nathan Williams  (33) 25:52
        Chloe Broad      (21) 30:07        Tom Armstrong    (35) 27:19
        Lucy Burch       (22) 31:08        Gareth Williams  (30) 26:13
Cheshire Team Pos:Cheshire Team Pos: 5th
36  Vale Royal Ac                  'E'  1:36:51
        Sarah Gibbs      (60) 35:3550  Vale Royal Ac                  'D'  1:52:10
        Clara Pettitt    (42) 29:48        Steven Caldwell  (48) 26:44
        Penny Thorn      (36) 31:28        Nick Haywood     (51) 27:51
Cheshire Team Pos:        Richard Murray   (52) 28:47
48  Vale Royal Ac                  'F'  1:39:50        Brian Dooley     (50) 28:48
        Nikki Cavanagh   (38) 31:09Cheshire Team Pos: 13th
        Lisa Meadows     (38) 33:31
        Debbie Moreton   (48) 35:1072  Vale Royal Ac                  'E'  2:09:33
Cheshire Team Pos:        John Moulds      (73) 30:26
        Geoff Fawkes     (72) 31:05
65 Complete Teams        Steve Collier    (70) 32:38
        Richard Pettitt  (72) 35:24
Cheshire Team Pos: 22nd
76 Complete Teams
29 Aug: The Williams family turned their attention to a spot of fell running. As expected they did themselves proud. Here's their report:
"The race is 7.4k and goes to the top of Moel Famau and back from the village of Cilcain. It was  Nathan and Lara's first hill race and Gareth's first return visit since 2004. We all found it difficult on both the ascent and descent but Nathan nearly made a winning debut and was just pipped on the line by West Cheshire AC's Ethan Greenland, who claimed the junior prize." Full results here.

12th Nathan Williams 38:03 
16th Gareth Williams 39:39
140th Lara Williams (NRC) 57:04
30 Aug: More speedy performances in the 3rd race of the series... especially from the youngsters. First and second places to young Joshua Bettley and Jacob Brown both PBs in sub 17 time. Another good battle between Chris Jones and James Ainsworth. 2nd lady for Caitlin Dimmick who has used the series as a successful introduction to 5k road running. PB for Lucy Smith taking a few more seconds off her time in race 2 of the series. Another M60 win for in form John Clarke. Well done all. 
PosTimeNameCatCat pos
116:18Joshua BettleySMPB
216:28Jacob BrownSMPB
617:37Chris JonesSM
717:41James AinsworthM401
1317:55Edward PettittSM
2618:57Caitlin DimmickSL2nd Lady
4420:06Lucy SmithSLPB
4520:14Francesca HarrisSL
5420:38John ClarkeM601
6021:00Clara PettittSL
7522:26Steve CollierM553
7922:35Sophie SmithSL
9624:25Richard PettittM559
11326.23Paul HudsonM604
12026.51Ann CollierF554
25 Aug: Another fantastic turnout for this local race with 32 from VRAC. No hail storm this time, just warm summer rain!
Some excellent performances throughout the field and no doubt quite a few PB's.
 PosGun timeFirst nameLast nameChip TimeGenderPosCategoryPos
1015:57RyanMoore15:56Male10Senior Male7
1116:11OliverWilliams16:11Male11Senior Male8
2416:39MattRowlinson16:37Male23Under 215
4317.29James Ainsworth17.27Male39Vet 407
4617:38NathanWilliams17:34Male42Under 219
4817:43GarethWilliams17:39Male44Vet 453
5317:47SarahMurphy17:45Female6Vet 352
6318:01GaryRichardson17:57Male56Vet 4010
7518:29TomArmstrong18:26Male64Senior Male34
8518:43JoeCavanagh18:38Male74Vet 4014
9318:54StevenCaldwell18:51Male82Senior Male44
10519:19RichardMurray19:17Male92Vet 507
10719:24BrianDooley19:20Male94Vet 4017
11519:50CarolynDooley19:47Female14Vet 402
11619:51JamesEdwards19:42Male102Vet 552
11820:00chloebroad19:55Female15Under 212
13120:24JohnClarke20:16Male115Vet 605
14020:37johntodd20:28Male123Vet 555
14120:39HelenSmith20:31Female18Vet 452
14720:57LucyBurch20:53Female20Under 213
15020:59GeoffFawkes20:49Male130Vet 4511
15220:59ChrisWeedall20:52Male131Senior Male63
16621:36TonyArcher21:26Male144Vet 606
16721:41NikkiCavanagh21:32Female23Vet 404
17622:09stevecollier22:01Male153Vet 557
18522:27RayTran22:18Male159Vet 4518
18722:34LisaMeadows22:24Female28Vet 454
20823:12DebbieBroad23:06Female34Vet 455
21723:48ChrisGriffiths23:38Male177Vet 5510
21823:52DebbieMoreton23:42Female41Vet 457
22424:01JayneLomax23:50Female45Vet 458
23324.21BarryChambers24.08Male186Vet 609
23524:36SUEYOUNG24.25Female49Vet 459
25326:41anncollier26.29Female57Vet 553
20 Aug: Bob Corinaldi has been training hard for his first foray into the 'ultra' world.  Here's how he got on:

"Tackled the Dig Deep 'Intro Ultra' around the peak district on Saturday.  At 30 miles, it seemed a fairly gentle introduction to Ultra Running, then about 2 months ago I read it properly and converted the 1,388m of ascent into old money and realised it was just over 4,500ft which is why I've been plodding round Peckforton for 3 hours every Sunday. Seems the training paid off though.  Started at the back which meant a few enforced rests at stiles and I wouldn't be tempted to go with the front runners and blow up at halfway.

Cracking route over all sorts of terrain with some quite brutal climbs, made for an entertaining day out.  For once,  I ran with no pressure, enjoying the scenery and steadily picked my way through the field, particularly in the last 10 miles.  I'd planned for a 7 hour finish based upon previous training runs but smashed it and finished in 6.07.34, 39th from 138 finishers.  A grand day out!" 

21 Aug: An important race. The penultimate race in the Cheshire Grand Prix Series and also a regional event with Cheshire up against North Wales. Mike Harrington. James Ainsworth, Sarah Murphy and Helen Whitby from VRAC were all honoured to be awarded Cheshire vests. And... both the ladies and the men from Cheshire prevailed over North Wales.  Good team results for VRAC in the Cheshire Grand Prix too.  Well done all.
PosNameGenCatGunChipGen PosCat PosChip Pos
22Michael HarringtonMMV4000:36:3300:36:3322422
24James AinsworthMMV4000:36:4900:36:4824524
27Chris JonesMMS00:36:5700:36:55261627
37Nathan WilliamsMMS00:37:4100:37:41352137
40Gareth WilliamsMMV4500:37:5000:37:4938741
41Sarah MurphyFFV3500:37:5200:37:523142
64Tom ArmstrongMMS00:39:0600:39:04603865
111Helen WhitbyFFV3500:41:3800:41:3694115
424Jayne LomaxFFV4500:51:0500:50:467114433
TBCKate MouldsMissed from  results. Awaiting confirmation  
17 July: Beautiful summers evening for this popular and well organised race.  Sensational run in 16.08 from young (17 YO) Cameron Weaver whose PB was 16.32 set at this race last year. Great to see Helen Whitby and Penny Thorn racing for VRAC again. Both rewarded with category wins. 
 PosGun First nameLast nameChip Chip PosGenderPosCategoryPos
516:09CameronWeaver16:085Male5Under 201
2417:01MattRowlinson16:5824Male24Under 204
2917:12MichaelHarrington17:1029Male29Vet 407
8819:26KateTitlow19:2289Female4Senior Female3
9319:35HelenWhitby19:3194Female5Vet 351
14021:34PennyThorn21:27139Female16Vet 401
19724:07JayneLomax23:59197Female32Vet 454
Congratulations to 4 VRAC club mates selected to run for Cheshire at the Birchwood 10k. Sarah Murpjy, Helen Whitby, Mike Harrington and James Ainsworth.  They will do us proud. No doubt about that. The Whitby/Harrington vests on display!
14 Aug: Paul Hudson gets around for his racing.  His latest jaunt was to the IOM Half Marathon. Here's his report:
1st half marathon since 2013. Isle of Man - definitely a run of three halves. Started with 4 miles up hill to the highest point followed by about 5 miles nice down hill and ending up flat. Whole thing was a cautious pace of about 10 min mile as not trained for this run and resulted in a time (gun start - chip Finnish) of 2hr.15min. - 20 mins down on 2013 but quite a testing start.
11 Aug: Perhaps a victim of it's own success there was another very big field for the 4th and final race in the series. Inevitably, this led to some congestion in the early stages and made it difficult to deliver super fast times.  Another superb run from Amelia Petitt who was first back for VRAC and a category win for Sarah Murphy.
 PosGun timeFirst nameLast nameGenderPosCategoryPos
5217:26JamesAinsworthMale48Vet 4010
6017:32MichaelHarringtonMale56Vet 4012
7917:57NathanWilliamsMale73Under 207
8318:00DarrenCottierMale77Vet 454
8518:01SarahMurphyFemale7Vet 351
9718:11GarethWilliamsMale88Vet 455
23520:57ClaraPettittFemale38Under 204
25821:23HelenSmithFemale45Vet 452
7 Aug: A very testing half marathon with its hill strewn profile. Gemma Barnett has enjoyed success here in the past and once again showed her quality and determination with victory in the ladies race. Dad John Todd fared well too with 2nd in his category. Two familiar friends and faces joined them in the race! 
PosNameTimeCatCat Pos
25Gemma Barnett1.34.56SL1st Lady
40John Todd1.43.31M552
Wher ever you go on holiday NEVER FORGET your VRAC vest! Well done the Dooley taking VRAC to Florida and picking uo a Park Run!! Pretty speedy too! Results here.
3 Aug: Another great Pie and Peas event. Huge thanks to all the organisers and helpers. Given the windy conditions, some terrific performances from the 25 athletes from VRAC. VRAC placing 2nd - 8th consecutively and securing 4 age category wins. A day for the lads with all of the aforementioned being men!
 PosGun timeFirst nameLast nameGenderPosCategoryPos
225:53:00MatthewSheenMale2Under 201
327:01:00CameronWeaverMale3Under 202
628:48:00MattRowlinsonMale6Under 203
728:59:00JohnHumphriesMale7Under 204
829:37:00JamesAinsworthMale8Vet 401
1030:22:00NathanWilliamsMale10Under 205
1230:46:00GarethWilliamsMale12Vet 451
1531:12:00GaryRichardsonMale15Vet 403
4434:14:00GaryWeedallMale43Vet 503
4534:17:00BobCorinaldiMale44Vet 4511
5535:28:00JohnClarkeMale53Vet 601
8237:05:00GeoffFawkesMale77Vet 4517
9037:52:00SteveCollierMale85Vet 555
11539:35:00RayTranMale103Vet 4519
12539:48:00SarahGibbsFemale17Vet 354
14441:11:00ChrisGriffithsMale119Vet 556
14741:19:00JayneLomaxFemale27Vet 455
17042:50:00ValerieKinvigFemale40Vet 504
23346:29:00AnnCollierFemale85Vet 555
25649:52:00GregSmithMale153Vet 4027
29859:48:00EileenGriffithsFemale138Vet 5512
30 July: Thanks to Bob Corinaldi for the following report:
A small but hardcore contingent from VRAC ventured out to Meerbrook on Saturday.   I was after something to 'soften' the legs prior to my Sunday hill session and it didn't disappoint. Gemma had a cracking run. Nick had a hangover (allegedly). Whilst I had one eye on Sunday, Ashlin (Mrs Corinaldi) had both eyes on the menu at the Lazy Trout! Great to see Sophie out racing again.
 Pos   Time       Race No   Surname   First Name Club Name Cat Sex

42   01:06:14 358            Barnett     Gemma       Vale Royal           F

86   01:12:27 380            Haywood  Nick             Vale Royal          M

88   01:12:34 296            Corinaldi   Bob              Vale Royal  V45 M

98   01:13:55 359            Todd          John             Vale Royal  V50 M

166 01:21:39 381            Rees          Sophia         Vale Royal  V35 F

31 July: A record entry for this one with the move to a summer time date proving popular. Podium finish for 'Big Stu' Doyle. Successful family outing for the Williams'. Nathan following in father's footsteps. Correction, Gareth following in son's footsteps. Big PB for Nathan (over 1 minute) to win the U21 Category. Not to be out done Lara and Amanda Williams (Northwich RC) also clocked PB's.  Great to see Lisa Meadows returning to good racing form with 3rd spot in her category.
 PosGun timeFirst nameLast nameChip TimeGenPosCategoryPos
333:59:00StuartDoyle33:58:003Vet 452
2737:23:00NathanWilliams37:19:00M27Under 211PB
3037:34:00GarethWilliams37:29:00M30Vet 459
14848:43:00LisaMeadows48:31:0017Vet 453
35501:14:09AmandaWilliams01:13:40118Vet 4520PB
27 July: Paul Hudson and Richard Pettitt tackled this very tough 10k challenge.  Seems the 'enjoyed' the race and certainly enjoyed the pub and chips afterwards. Great example to show racing isn't all about finishing at the sharp end. Here's Paul's report:
"Millbrook monster 10k. Another daunting challenge of relentless 5k ascent of stumbling over rocks and dodging horse droppings and being stung by sheep knats followed by 5k of dangerous down hill kamakazi. Richard and I crossed the line too late to avoid the queue at the chip shop so had to go to the nearest pub instead. But honestly, this was a tough challenge with people dropping out after 1.5k and having to walk most of the way up hill but we stuck to our policy of no walking at the expense of stiffening up in the pub seat and having to have another 1/2 pint of muscle relaxant."
 26 July: The second race in the series at Queens Park. Another big turnout from VRACers and some speedy performances with 3 club mates under 18 minutes. Another high sharp end placing for Matt Rowlinson and excellent category wins for Rick Murray, John Clarke and Steve Collier. 
PosNameTimeCatCat Pos
5Matt Rowlinson17.03
11James Ainsworth17.47M402
15Edward Pettitt17.57
27Caitlin Dimmick18.52
39Rick Murray19.48M451
49John Clarke20.49M601
52Clara Pettitt21.08
59Charlie Humphreys21.48
63Steve Collier22.11M551
65Sam Stephens22.22
80Geoff Davies24.03M456
84Richard Pettitt24.24M556
86Ella Booth24.27
92Keira Booth25.09
101Lydia Davies26.14
102Isabelle Davies26.15
108Kasey Jaffrey26.42
110George Bennett26.59
21 July: June Athlete of the Month James Ainsworth kept his race shoes busy travelling to Todmorden. Here's his report: " Travelled up to todmorden for the 3rd race in the todmorden park 5k series, this was advertised as a fast flat 5 laps of the park race. didn't read the small print at the bottom saying 10m elevation per lap. 7th place 18:05 chip best I could do in the muggy conditions." 
7James Ainsworth18.05
19 July: A nice speed workout on the track for a few VRAC seniors. And an even nicer bit of shoulder rubbing for Paul Hudson plus " another pb in javelin. Not so good in discus but still moving up the power of 10".  
3000m9.26.8Stu Doyle
3000m10:06.7Michael Harrington
3000m10:10.3James Ainsworth 
1500m4.23.00Alex Doyle
1500m5.00.18Cara Gibbons
1500m5.16.31Esme Bridge
800m1.57.66Ryan Moore
800m2.02.24Andrew Miles
800m2.32.47Chloe Dooley
17 Jul: Pretty warm for this race but some really good performances to celebrate. Gary Richardson has been training well and was rewarded with a big PB to go sub 1.25. Another solid race for Ian Barker under the 1.30 mark. Superb runs from Mr and Mrs Dooley (thought to be their half marathon debuts). Carolyn took the honours with a terrific time with Brian not too far behind. Rick Murray found the going tough but stuck at it and still delivered a creditable time. Sue Young and Sarah Edgar completed the VRAC line up with good performances too. 
PosNameTimeChipCatGenderGen Pos
25GARY RICHARDSON01:24:3601:24:28V40Male23PB
47IAN BARKER01:29:2201:29:18V50Male45
62CAROLYN DOOLEY01:31:4501:31:37V40Female6Debut?
68BRIAN DOOLEY01:33:0501:32:58V40Male62Debut?
75RICHARD MURRAY01:33:5401:33:51V45Male68
247SUE YOUNG01:53:2801:52:20V45Female39
267SARAH EDGAR01:55:1801:54:06V45Female45Debut?
14 July: The second in this summer 4 race series. Unlike the first race which was more like cross country warmer and drier conditions allowed some quicker times.  Another very quick race from Oliver WIlliams with a PB. More evidence of James Ainsworth's return to form and a 5 second improvement on the last Sizzler for Sarah Murphy for a new PB. 
 PosGun timeFirst nameLast namePosCategoryPos
815:57OliverWilliams8Senior Male6PB
1116:06StuartDoyle11Vet 451
3317:15JamesAinsworth33Vet 407
5117:40DarrenCottier50Vet 455
6117:54SarahMurphy4Vet 352PB
8418:25GrahamMiles79Vet 459
12 July: This popular 5 race 5k series is run by Liverpool Harriers. Great midweek burn up and only £2. Mike Harrington once again made the trip. He was rewarded with 13 seconds quicker than his race here in May, finishing 10th in 17.26. However in Mike's words 'not even first old git'. No doubt Mike will be back to try and rectify this next time. 
6 July: Holidaying Bob Corinaldi continued his quest for races to clock up his 'I was first back for VRAC' tally.
"Got the running shoes out again last night. 4 mile road race, part of local grand prix. Quite a lumpy affair with 1 mile downhill and the rest undulating, generally uphill. Took it steady (I am on holiday after all)finishing in a not too shabby 27.34, 92nd in a field of 422. Technically a pb as I've never run a 4 miler beforeSmiling face (black and white)".
Wed 6 July: 155 ladies enjoyed another excellent race organised by Spectrum Striders. Three from VRAC. Helen Whitby showed her great return to form with 2nd overall. "I think I'm destined to always be runner-up here!!! Another year another 2nd." Jayne Lomax and Debbie Moreton finished close together well up the field.
2Helen Whitby20.20
36Jayne Lomax24.15
39Debbie Moreton24.35
3 July: An annual fell race near the Alwen reservoir. 11k distance 177m ascent or 6.8miles and 582ft. Jo Edwards and Anthony Atkinson's last outing was the Wrexham half marathon so this was an interesting event to get back into racing. Anthony was 52nd in 55.43. Jo was 70th in 59.12.  134 finished the race. "Knackered but glad to be back racing again" was Jo's summary.
3 July: Stu Doyle and  Jayne Lomax  the only 2 VRAC runners who made the trip to Alderley Edge. The by-pass isn't as flat as you'd think with several undulations although it's pretty straight being 2.5m out and 2.5m back. Stu was 7th and 1st v45 in 27.00 whilst Jayne finished 258th (5th w45 our of 69) out of 875 finishers. 
3 July:   4 Vale Royal runners (two in disguise!) turned up for this very nice friendly race over 2 laps of a challenging cross-country course (grass and trails).   Conditions were very hot in place but that made for happy spectators and plenty of cheering on from our friends in Northwich Runnng Club who has a good crowd out for the day.   Nikky had a great run to win the ladies race.     Tom was 6th not far in front of Joe.   Debbie was please with her run to be 1st in age cat.  Actual distance was a little under the 10k mark....closer to 6 miles but on that course it was all about friendly competitive racing (as it should be!).
PosCatTimeCat Pos
6Tom AnnableM5038:101
14Joe CavanaghM4040:573
38Nicola CavanaghF4045:231
70Debbie MoretonF4549:372
2 July: Knowsley Harriers hold a free to enter 5k race on the the first Saturday of each month. Donations are in aid of Prostate Cancer. Mike Harrington continued his intensive race program and also continued his good form equalling his PB on this course. He came 3rd overall and 1st M40 in 17.25. 
30 June: The first in this well established 4 race series. The absence of 'sizzling' conditions of late meant the first section from the track to the 1k point was a mud bath. Nevertheless, some decent times and performances from the VRACers.
 PosGun timeNameNameGen PosCategoryCat Pos
6517:54DarrenCottier61Vet 454
7117:59SarahMurphy5Vet 352
8118:10TomArmstrong74Senior Male48
9418:27GrahamMiles85Vet 457
30 June: Seems Bob Corinaldi smuggled his race kit into the luggage.  He took on an undulating, 5 mile multi ? terrain race in the beautiful Boconnoc Estate, Nr Lostwithiel, Cornwall. Here's hpw he got on.
"Been for a scenic 5 mile trot round  country estate. Think hilly cross country  with loads of mud and potential to lose your shoes....but at least it was warmSmiling face (black and white). Finished in 39.01 47th overall from 221 runner's.  Received jars of muscle rub at the finish and I'm almost through mine already!" 
28 June: The first of this three race series run around Queens Park and the surrounding area in Crewe.  A big turnout of 20 runners from VRAC with the overall race winner, Oliver Williams and Ladies winner Sarah Griffiths and 4 in the top 10. Oh, and a V70 category win for our very own Shaun McGrath! Nice work folks. 
0:16:27 WILLIAMS, OLIVER All Men 
0:17:45 AINSWORTH, James Male V40 
0:17:57 PETTITT, Edward All Men 
10 0:18:10 GRIFFITHS, Sarah All Ladies 
14 0:18:17 HEAWORD, Tom All Men 
19 0:18:31 SMITH, Holly All Ladies 
30 0:19:26 WASHINGTON, Sam All Men 
32 0:19:36 WHITBY, Helen Female V35 
33 0:19:38 DIMMICK, Caitlin All Ladies 
34 0:19:38 MURRAY, Rick Male V45 
41 0:20:14 SMITH, Lucy All Ladies 
49 0:20:54 HUMPHREYS, Charlie All Men 
53 0:21:08 CLARKE, John Male V60 
54 0:21:13 HUMPHREYS, David Male V40 
59 0:21:34 BENNETT, George All Men 
63 0:22:04 LATHAM, Beth All Ladies 
85 0:25:34 DAVIES, Lydia All Ladies 
92 0:26:27 DAVIES, Isabelle All Ladies 
121 0:32:06 JAFFREY, Kasey All Ladies 
128 0:34:46 MCGRATH, Shaun Male V70 
26 June: Another excellent event organised by Mike Harrington.   Pretty good conditions enabled some strong performances from VRAC athletes in the 5th race in the Cheshire GP series. This should ensue we maintain our high positions in the series although updated results are still awaited. There were a number of close battles, notably between James Ainsworth (who is quickly  returning to a high fitness after injury) and Chris Jones, between Tommy Armstrong and Gary Richardson, and between 4 ladies separated by only 23 seconds on chip times. However there was a 4th battle that should have taken place but didn't - because Gareth 'schoolboy error' Williams found himself in the changing tent when the gun went! He managed to work his through way the field but finished 73 seconds behind son Nathan on gun time albeit only 6 seconds behind on chip times - would have been very interesting if they'd set off together! Nathan managed to finish 1st U21 even without his dad pushing him. Whilst Gemma claimed 3rd overall lady.
 PosGun timeFirst nameLast nameChip TimeChip PosGend PosCatCat Pos

17 June:   9 Vale Royal Runners turned out for this favourite race.   Teams of 3 compete over the 9 mile course with a tough 3-mile trail section - including the infamous steep railway climb which has the grim reaper waiting for you at the top.  The last runner to cross the line determines the teams finishing order.  Some teams decide to run it together and others choose to just run at their own paces - and there a split in strategy for the VR runners this year.    Gareth and Nathan joined up with Alex Mason from the Spartans and got in the prizes in 3rd place.   After a good battle with a number of teams, Tom, Dave and Ian overhauled Helsby in the closing metres to take the MV prize.   John, Gemma and Darren ran separately - Darren mixing it with the two other VR teams.   Bob ran with 2 stourbridge runners a little further down the field.   A great atmosphere and a lovely evening of racing done the way it should be.
3Alex Mason64.07
Gareth Williams64.48
Nathan Williams64.13
4Tom Annable65.071st MV
Dave Shepherd65.08
Ian Brough65.07
21John Todd74.25
Gemma Barnett68.17
Darren Cottier64.42
33Bob Corinaldi79.45
HORWICH 5K (Incorporating BMAF Championships)
19 June: Stu Doyle lined up in a fast field to compete in the BMAF Championships. As usual he acquitted himself with great credit.  Official results still awaited. Meanwhile here's his report: 
"I came 2nd v45 so got a British Champs Silver medal. I got my time as 16.20 (but still need confirmation) which I'm slightly disappointed by as I know I'm in shape to run well under 16 mins but it's not a fast course - 3 laps of the town centre with a reasonable incline on each. Also not helped by mile splits of 4.56, 5.20 and 5.23 with a desperate last 0.1m at sub 5 min miling to hold off the 3rd place v45 and 1st v50 who were both 1 second behind! The 1st v45 was Glaswegian too so I guess that makes me the fastest Englishman!"


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