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Note to all athletes training at Knights Grange:

The attached document is the Risk Assessment that has been completed confirming that it is safe to train at the facility AS LONG as the strict conditions laid down in it are adhered to.

All athletes, officials, coaches and parents must ensure they are aware and comply with the terms of this document as well as to any specific guidelines issued by their coach.

COVID-19 Risk Assessment to ensure the safety of athletes while using the Knight's Grange athletic track in line with Government and England Athletics' guidance.

VRAC responsibility: to ensure the ATHLETIC TRACK is safe to use.
Parents and Athletes responsibility :
On entry to the track each member will be signed in at the track gates – only 5 athletes and 1 coach will be allowed into the track complex at any one time.
This information will be used for track and tracing in the event that an athlete or coach develops symptoms and tests positive for COVID -19.

The Club house is OUT OF USE.

One toilet will be in use with STRICT INSTRUCTIONS on how to clean the door handle after use and the use of hand alcohol gel pre and post use of the facility.

Use of the track – The track has been coned off into two sections, lanes 1-3 and 4-6.
3 or 4 athletes will start at the 100m intervals in lanes 1-3 and 1 or 2 athletes will start in lanes 4-6 100m apart. Each session is timed.
If an athlete or member of the family has or shows any symptoms of COVID -19 they must NOT attend the training session, they must get tested and self isolate until the test results have been confirmed. On confirmation of the test inform the coach.
The family will self-isolate for 14 days.
Track and trace will take place.
Please refer and adhere to NHS guidance. .

Only Athletes allowed into the athletic caged complex.
NO parents allowed to watch inside the athletic caged area – if parents stay to watch outside the caged area- please adhere to government guidance of 2 metre distance and no more than 6 people grouped together.

Each athlete will bring with them a sports bag – preferably waterproof as the club house will not be open. They will place it on the grass during the session 2 metres from other athletes kit.

Each athlete will bring with them hand alcohol gel or hand wipes.

Athletes to adhere to social distancing of 2 metres at all times –
• When talking to the coach.
• When talking to another athlete
• When using the track

This assessment is dated 2nd June 2020 and has been reviewed as per Government and EA Guidance

Debbie Broad : Club Welfare and Safeguarding Officer


Hopefully everyone is now aware that the Government introduced new rules on 23rd March and, as with all laws, it is the responsibility of individual citizens to ensure they are aware of them and comply.

Meanwhile updated guidance regarding exercise and training has also been published on the EA (England Athletics) website on 24th March whilst Cheshire AA have issued some interesting and insightful training tips and advice on their social media pages.

Finally, as also confirmed by England Athletics, the initial suspension of all athletics training and competitions until 30th April has now been extended until 31st May.


Following the updated regulations issued by the Government yesterday, notably the closure of all Leisure Facilities, together with schools and universities also ceasing lessons, it is necessary to revise the rules around training for all athletes as follows.

All club training sessions across all locations are cancelled with immediate effect. These include Knights Grange, Delamere Forest, Hartford and indoor sites. No coaches will be attending these locations in an official capacity from today.

Knights Grange should not be used. Although a number of club members have keys they should not use them to access the site to train. Doing so would potentially damage our relationship with the council, possibly leading to us losing our right to use the track in future. It could also invalidate the club’s insurance policy as we are obliged to comply with EA and Local Authority regulations.

Athletes are actively encouraged to keep themselves fit however those who wish to continue training must do so in accordance with EA guidelines regarding Social Distancing etc.

Note that coaches are absolutely permitted to issue guidance and advice remotely (via E-mail, telephone and Social Media etc)  regarding sessions that can be performed and may well reach out to you as individuals or as a group in that regard.

Please adhere to the above – failure to do so may put you or others at risk as well as damaging the reputation of you personally and the club.

The above has been agreed by all coaches and committee members.