Vale Royal AC - Senior Section

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Welsh Castles Relay 2018 is on Saturday 9th and Sunday 10th June 2018.

This is a 20 person relay, starting in Caernarfon, overnight in Newtown, and ending in Cardiff, covering 211 miles. The 20 staggered legs range from 7.7 miles to 13.1 miles in distance. It is a fantastic weekend and is a real "feel good" team event. It would be fantastic to get new faces and juniors along, together with the core runners who love to do it each year. There are a few running families in VR and it'd be great to have you along. Age 17+ can run any distance. Age 16 must run a leg no longer than 9.94 miles (16k). You need to be first claim Vale Royal at the date of racing, so remember to rejoin/join VR in March.

Take a look at and for more info, or just ask around at the club - it's a long standing event which many VRacers have competed in before.

Please email if you are interested. Or verbally tell me, Sophie Haywood, or Nick Haywood. This doesn't fully commit you and you're not signing your life away. I just need, by mid Feb, to have an idea of numbers before I commit the club to entering.