Vale Royal AC - Senior Section

Running and Athletics in the Heart of Cheshire.


The sessions below are those taking place on the track at Knights Grange involving juniors and seniors and coached by Andy Carter. Start time 7pm.

With the first Trafford on Tuesday we will be doing two timed sessions next week - the second one is basically 16 x 200 with at least 30 secs recovery !

The sessions planned are as follows :-

Tuesday : 5 Mins ( 2 Mins ) 4 Mins ( 2 Mins ) 3 Mins ( 2 Mins ) 2 Mins ( 2 Mins ) 60 Secs - start off at tempo pace and with a fixed recovery gradually increase pace and push the 60 Secs rep

Thursday : 16 x 45 Secs ( 30 Secs ) - 1500 pace session but stop at 200 

Saturday : 8.30am - Delamere Forest - Hill session - hopefully if weather okay we will do 'hidden valley' session !

Sunday : 10.00 am - Delamere Forest - usual Sunday run 

Good luck to everyone racing on Tuesday at Trafford and also to those doing the Kingsley 5k on Friday - good fast course and top class field !

***Wednesday 2nd August - Pie and Peas at Moulton - entries are filling up fast so you need to get yours in ASAP - see VR website for entry details

It is also timely to remind you all not to forget your core training, and, for the older ones some upper body work ! For your core training  - as a minimum you should be doing plank, side plank, superman, brace, supine bridge and some press ups.