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Sophie's Challenge

This is "Sophia's 13x13x13" - 13 Half marathons in 13 weeks, starting tomorrow. Please feel free to share this for a great charity- Parkinson's UK . My mum has Parkinson's and it has been so aggressive. I've felt useless because I can't make her better, so this is my way of helping as much as I can. It's so very hard seeing someone you think is invincible very quickly become so fragile and despondent and struggling to find words and mentally, well, simply, not the mum she ever was before this nasty disease took hold. This challenge will be tough: that's what challenges are by nature of their name, but not half the battle my mum faces every day. Thank you for your interest. I'll keep you updated along the way :o). 

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Injured?  See Colin Rathbone for a massage, Paul Hudson for phyiotherapy.   There are a number of other good physios - several of us have had very successful treatment at Athlete Matters in Worsley:

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